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with the top-four ranked teams assigned to position 1 in each group and the others to position 2.
  • The main round runners-up werenot seeded and assigned to positions 3 and 4.
  • There wereseven potential mini-tournament hosts, three seeded in position 1, one in position 2, three in position 4. They were split into three draw bowls accordingly.
  • First a position (1, 2 or 4) was drawn, then a team from the appropriate bowl drawn and assigned to Group A according to their seeding.
  • This procedure was repeated for the other three groups.
  • Once the four hosts were drawn, the remaining three teams were reassigned to their appropriate draw pot.
  • The remaining teams were drawn according to their seeding.
  • Based on decisions taken by the UEFA Executive Committee, Russia and Ukraine cannot be drawn into the same group
  • The elite round will be played between 27 January and 5 February.
  • The four group winners will qualify for the finals in Lithuania from 12 September to 4 October.
  • The four runners-up will go into the play-offs on 9 and 12 April for the remaining two UEFA berths.
  • Elite round draw pots

    Bowl 1 (Position 4)
    Czech Republic

    Bowl 2 (Position 2)

    Bowl 3 (Position 1)

    Pot 1 (Positions 3 & 4, non-drawn hosts will be added):

    Pot 2 (Position 2, non-drawn hosts will be added):

    Pot 3 (Position 1, non-drawn hosts will be added):

    Main round group winners: Spain (1), Slovenia (2), Azerbaijan (3), Italy (4), Kazakhstan (5), Serbia (6), Russia (7), Portugal (8)

    Main round group runners-up: Finland (1), Ukraine (2), Slovakia (3), Belarus (4), Romania (5), France (6), Croatia (7), Czech Republic (8)

    Draw facts

    Play-off draw procedure

    The four elite-round runners-up were pre-drawn into two home-and-away ties to be played on 9 and 12 April for the remaing two berths in the finals.

    Pot 4
    Runner-up Group A
    Runner-up Group B
    Runner-up Group C
    番茄社区成人Runner-up Group D